What’s The Most Popular Material For Sheets And Blankets? Believe It Or Not, It’s Not Wool Or Cotton!

Linen fitted sheets

Your bedroom is one of the most beloved rooms in the house. It’s where you wake up to start your morning and return to once night comes back around. It’s responsible for giving you the sleep you need to recover from the busy week’s wear and tear. It’s even where you choose to read your favorite novels to wind down the day! As such, simple actions like choosing new sheets or looking up a new pillow can be a wonderful addition to your busy week. There’s nothing quite like laying your head down to rest and feeling the smooth and clean texture of the organic linen sheets you just bought. There are a lot of options on the market for people looking to spruce up their home, though, and it can be a little bit daunting to get started. Below are the top five reasons you should get yourself a new pair of sheets, from getting a better night’s sleep to saving money on your energy bill.

The Classics Never Go Out Of Style

Bed sheets have been around for centuries and, contrary to popular belief, haven’t changed nearly as much as technology would suggest. Flax, used to produce linen, is considered one of the world’s oldest natural textile fibers. It’s three times stronger than cotton due to its natural tendency toward friction resistance, making it a durable and dependable material for many different uses. The ancient Egyptians absolutely adored flax products and even called them ‘Woven Wind’.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Choosing new sheets means choosing an even more peaceful sleep regimen for your week. Linen is popular not just for its durability and longevity but its brilliant texture and softness. It has the additional bonus of deterring static electricity — even a mere 10% of linen in a blend is enough to completely ward off this pesky and long-suffering side-effect. When the average person spends a 1/3 of their life in bed, why wouldn’t you want it to be the most comfortable it could possibly be?

Save On Energy Costs

Tired of turning on your air conditioning? Struggle no longer! Linen has amazing heat conductivity, certified five times stronger than that of wool and a whopping 19 times that of silk. Studies have shown those who dress in linen have a lower skin temperature than those who wear silk and cotton, so you can rest assure your heating bill is going to feel just as much relief as you do. Linen has also been found to reduce gamma radiation by nearly 50% and can protect your sensitive skin against solar radiation.

Easy To Clean

Did you know flax yarns actually get stronger when they’re washed? A common and frustrating side-effect of cleaning your sheet sets and blankets is seeing them get worn out and thin due to the pressure and stretching. However, linen’s durability only continues to grow the more it’s washed, rinsed and dried. The can even absorb up to 20% of their own weight in moisture and still feel dry to the touch! With all of these features, choosing new sheets is as straightforward as looking back and seeing what’s remained so popular.

An Ideal Option

Thanks to linen, choosing new sheets couldn’t be simpler. They’re incredibly easy to clean and only grow stronger the more they’re used, contrary to popular materials like wool, cotton and silk. They can save money on your energy bill and keep you warm (or cool!) no matter the season. They’re perfect for people who hate static electricity as well as those with sensitive constitutions. In short, it’s not hard to see why this material has withstood the test of time so soundly. Next time you’re thinking of giving your bed an overhaul, look no further than a pair of organic linen sheets.

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