Six Important Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Jeweler

Wedding jewelry

When you are making a fine jewelry purchase, your investment will (ideally) last a lifetime. You want to make sure you make your purchase from a jeweler with integrity, who will provide you with a piece that you’ll be proud of for years and decades to come. Local jewelers are not a one-size-fits-all concept; finding a jeweler who you trust and who provides great service takes thought. While you are shopping for engagement rings or wedding jewelry, here are a few important questions you should ask:

  1. Do you feel heard and valued?
    Your jeweler could have a PhD in jewelry, but no one knows your personal taste as well as you do. A good jeweler takes the time to listen and understand what the clients are drawn to, so that every patron walks away with jewelry they love and are proud of. If your consultation with a jeweler leaves you feeling like their agenda was pushed on you rather than your needs listened to, it might be a good idea to find someone new.

  2. Does the jeweler have an established reputation?

    The reputation of the jeweler is important for several reasons. First of all, you’re investing a lot of money in your fine jewelry. The jeweler having a good reputation will help ensure the jewelry you take home is high-quality. Secondly, you want to know that your jeweler will be there to continue maintenance on the piece for years to come. Finding a jeweler with a good reputation will help ensure that they aren’t going to close up shop and disappear as soon as they have your money in their pocket.

  3. Does the jeweler provide their own jewelry repair?
    Finding a jeweler who has an in-house jewelry repair service offers several benefits. Professionals who perform jewelry repair have an in-depth understanding of the pieces they sell and what makes them tick. It also makes the jeweler vested in their product; their reputation is on the line for the quality of their jewelry. When the jeweler takes care to the jewelry repairs as well as the sale of it, it should give you more confidences in the quality of the jewelry they offer.
  4. Does the store have a wide selection?
    You don’t want to limit yourself to an engagement ring or wedding jewelry (or any other fine jewelry) that you feel just “meh” about because that’s all that’s available. A great jeweler should have a wide selection of products that meet any type of taste you might have.

    However, on the flip side of this subject, you shouldn’t walk out of the shop feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices. A great jeweler will guide you through their vast array of products to help you identify a piece that you love and will value for years to come.

  5. Is the jeweler knowledgeable?
    A good jeweler will be able to answer any questions you have with ease and confidence. While only you can determine your own wants and taste, the jeweler should be able to fill in the rest in your journey to finding the jewelry that you’ll value for a lifetime (and beyond). Having expert knowledge of the gems and the design and quality of the jewelry is an important quality in a good jeweler, as well as the ability to communicate effectively.

  6. Does the jeweler back up their products?

    You shouldn’t have to just take your jeweler’s word for it when you are spending thousands of dollars on a high quality piece of jewelry. A good piece of jewelry should be certified with a third-party gem evaluation group. A few common groups that reputable jewelers use are: the Gemological Institute of America, the International Gemological Institute, and the American Gem Society.

    Additionally, when you walk out of the shop with your jewelry, it should be far from the last time you see your jeweler. A good jeweler will offer care and maintenance for the piece, to keep it glowing and in good shape.

When making a huge purchase — such as buying a home or a car — the person who sells it to you has a huge impact on the the experience you have. Buying fine jewelry is no different.

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