Score a Window Seat Every Time When You Fly With a Private Jet

Jet private charter

If you’re one of those people who tends to rack up the frequent flyer miles, thanks to all the traveling you do for business, and are getting sick of the lack of leg room, subpar airplane food, and lack of privacy, perhaps you should consider engaging aircraft charter services. They may cost a bit more, but you know the worth of spending a little more to have the comfort and space you need to be as productive and alert as possible. First class or business class is one thing and the services that custom jet companies offer is quite another. Indeed, over 40% of passengers on aircraft said one of the biggest improvements to flights would be more legroom. TripAdvisor recently conducted a poll, and found that 30% of Americans said better seating (more comfortable) would be a huge improvement that airlines could make. These two issues can easily be resolved when you use aircraft charter services.
What Exactly Do Aircraft Charter Services Do?
Aircraft charter services offer flexibility and convenience for executive passengers who can afford to employ their services. There are over 2,000 charter operations in the United States, all of whom are required to have an Air Carrier or Commercial Operating Certification, obtained through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Operations Specifications that have company names, authorization, and limitations. You may even have more options of where to land and take off — jet charter services can fly in and out of over 5,000 public use airports within the United States. That’s over 100 times the accessibility that airlines have. So not only is it super convenient, but it’s safe and regulated as well. The Cessna Citation Excel (also goes by the names Citation XLS and XLS+) is the most popular type of private jet. It’s a medium-sized jet and took almost 150,000 flights in 2012.
How Will a Charter Service Benefit Me?
Since a charter service isn’t tied specifically to any airline, you may be able to avoid the pileup that delays often cause. Bad weather will ground the flight of course, but you wouldn’t have to deal with the repercussions of all the delayed flights from one airline. You’ll also get fast service, not have to go through the necessary hassle of the TSA, and have plenty of room to yourself, even if you’re sharing the jet with a few of your colleagues. You may also get to where you’re going faster, depending on the charter service, and the accommodations are sure to be luxe and comfortable.
Onboard WiFi lets you get things done even if you’re tens of thousands of feet above the ground and employees who traveled using company aircraft said they were 20% more productive in the air than they were when they were physically in the office! Around 65% of time spent in the aircraft on business trips is spent on work, in some function — whether that’s having meetings with colleagues also in-transit or doing more personal and individualized work. On the other hand, employees who flew commercial reported a 40% drop in their productivity — there are too many distractions and not enough room on board a commercial flight.
How Do I Go About Booking Charter Plane Services?
Your company may already be affiliated with a certain charter jet service, so it’s worth looking into what connections your company already has. If not, the Internet has a wealth of information about private jet charter jet lines and how to book. Reviews of specific lines may also be available if you want to find the best deal or most reliable line for your money. Traveling in a small group is also a good way to book most effectively. Other colleagues may also have recommendations for charter jet services they’ve used before and why they liked or did not like that specific line.
Your work life might just be changed by booking the services of a private charter flight. Say hello to increased productivity, less hassle and stress in-transit, and a truly comfortable flight when you book your private flight today!

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