How Camouflage Became the New Little Black Dress of the Fashion Industry

Camo necklaces

Among other things, the fashion industry is known for being notoriously fickle. So even though you may think you’re rocking the latest, greatest, or hottest fashion trend, you maybe sporting yesterday’s trend.

There are, however, a few trends that have managed to carve out permanent niches in the fashion industry, with the classic example being the little black dress. Trends such as these never seem to go out of style but rather evolve as tastes change. As such, it’s no surprise to see trends such as these reemerge season after season in a number of different variations.

This is where camouflage clothing for men and women comes into play. Like many trends in the fashion industry, camo clothes has its roots in the military and was later adapted for civilian dress. Not only did camouflage becoming mainstream inspire the advent of camo hunting clothes and gear, but it also spurred the creation of what many feel is a permanent “trend” in fashion. In fact, camo clothing has come to represent an entire lifestyle and culture that prides itself on the outdoors and conservative family values.

Women, however, truly lucked out in terms of camouflage clothes.

Camo clothes for women has almost become an industry to itself, as there are now a number of accessories, clothing styles and types, and even lingerie and swimwear available in camouflage patterns. While camo men’s clothing is still quite popular, camo clothes for women has taken on a life of its own.

This is perhaps most easily seen in the bridal and wedding industry. Most — not all — women dream of walking down the aisle in pearly white gown. Now, camouflage wedding dresses are an actual thing and a popular one at that. In fact, entire camo themed weddings have become commonplace.

The popularity of camouflage clothing has also spawned the creation of camouflage home decor and even camouflage-patterned food items such as ice cream and cake.

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