Three Ways to Maximize the Success of T Shirt Marketing

Custom t shirt designs

Quality printed T shirts can be a great way to market your brand. Nine out of 10 Americans own at least one T shirt that they won’t throw away because it has sentimental value. 95% of all Americans wear T shirts, and 70% of men and 54% of women own 10 or more. In 2012, wearables like T shirts were the biggest sellers, with 28.9% of total product sales.

So how can you harness T shirts to market your business?

T shirt giveaways

Very few people will turn down a free T shirt, and plenty of people will wear them for purposes of comfort or simplicity. Though paying for T shirt printing services can be costly, you’re also paying for dozens, if not hundreds of spokespeople who will promote your brand just by throwing on a shirt.

T shirts are often handed out at sporting events, mixers, expos and other gatherings where people are likely to pick them up, and remember you as a result.

Compressed T Shirts

Compressed T Shirts are an especially great marketing tool because they draw attention to your logo. A logo for an event or company is printed on a shirt by a custom digital T shirt printing company, and then the rest of the shirt is compressed to fit into the space of the logo and vacuum sealed to stay that way.

Compressed T shirts are designed so that the only thing a potential client will see when you hand them their compressed T Shirt is the logo, not a bunch of extra fabric. This visually striking design is a great way to get your business noticed using custom print services.

Collaborative T shirts

If you’re not sure people will wear a T shirt that will only advertise your brand, consider tacking your logo onto someone else’s T shirt. This is actually a pretty common practice: consider all the sports games you’ve been to where free T shirts were handed out. Usually the T shirts have a whole cluster of corporate sponsor logos on the back.

It’s a win-win situation for the venue and the sponsor. Sponsors get advertising and venues don’t have to pay to create the T shirts.

What ways have you found to market your business through T shirts?

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