Simple, Fun Camouflage Fashion and Decorating Ideas

Camo themed wedding

The fashion world is constantly changing. It seems that some fads are only en vogue a brief period of time, while some staples, such as the little black dress or denim jackets never go out of style. However, a new trend has recently taken the fashion world over by storm, with signs of ever going out of style. Pretty soon, the little black dress may be replaced by the little camo formal dress (yes, this is a real article of clothing, and a popular one at that).

Camouflage — derived from the French word camoufler — is widely associated with the military, as nearly all branches use camouflage in some way or another. Camouflage uses two factors, color and pattern, to achieve the state of crypsis, or the state of blending in with one’s surroundings.

Camouflage is also highly popular amongst outdoorsmen, hunters, and survivalists, who wear camo hunting clothes in order to better stalk their prey. Military camouflage patterns first became popular among hunters after devoted hunter Jim Crumley used a magic market to design a camouflage pattern on hunting clothes during the 1970’s. During the 1980’s, camouflage and military inspired clothing infiltrated the fashion industry, and has become a staple ever since.

However, the trend doesn’t stop with camouflage clothing. Camouflage accessories, home goods, and decorations have also become increasingly popular, and add a fun and quirky touch to any room. Camo aficionados incorporate the pattern in their events. It’s not uncommon to see camo gowns, or camo baby shower gifts.

Camo baby bedding sets are popular gift for expecting parents and come in a variety of colors and patterns to blend seamlessly with existing decor. Pink camo baby bedding sets are especially popular for baby girls, balancing the rugged look of camo with delicate hue of pastel pink. In fact, parents can join in the fun and sport camo bedding sets of their own to match their camo baby bedding sets for their child.

In terms of home decorating, camouflage is as easy to decorate with as it is to wear. Due to the combination of hues, colors, and pattern, camo decorations are easy to pair with existing color schemes and decor. Something as simple as a camo candle or area rug can tie a room together while bringing a touch of the outdoors inside.

If you feel stuck in a design or fashion rut, perhaps it’s time jump on the bandwagon and go camo clad! Once used to blend in, camouflage clothing and home accessories will help you stand out.

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