Hide From the Crowd in Camouflage Clothing


Our clothing is one of the most immediate ways we are able to express our personalities. Throughout all cultures during any moment in history fashion has played a major role in defining the characteristics of particular lifestyles. Today, with so many available options when it comes time to get dressed up for any occasion, finding the right clothing items to match the styles and trends of the day can be overwhelming. That’s why you should always consider going out of your comfort zone and try on different looks to flesh out how you wish to present your unique personality to the world.

One of the more modern trends in fashion today is to incorporate patterns and styles of clothing that are re purposed and redefined from their original use. Military camouflage clothing is just one of those patterns. Historically, military camouflage clothing was first used in the 19th century when the efficiency of firearms demanded better defensive clothing to avoid serious injury. Camouflage patterns would help a military personnel achieve what is known as crypsis or being in a state of blending in with the natural surroundings.

According to Time Magazine, military camouflage clothing and army camo clothing has become popular among civilians in the United States during the 1980s. Many famous fashion designers have also been incorporating camo clothing for men and camo clothing for women in photo shoots, run way shows, and artistic modelling to achieve a unique sense of the aesthetics of the camouflage pattern. When paired with blocked color clothing items or other complimentary patterns such as plaid, camouflage clothing gives any outfit an urban, more rigid feel.

For more domestic uses, military camouflage clothing items such from camouflage purses all the way to camouflage truck accessories have become a popular way to express a desire to give off a unique aesthetic. Camouflage has become so popular that many couples are even wearing camouflage wedding dresses and tuxedos as their wedding garments. Many casual and professional hunters still use camouflage for it’s intended purpose and wish to continue to express their hobby in and out of the hunting environment. The rural associations of camouflage can also add a regional expression of style for those who take pride in where they are from.

Overall, camouflage clothing is only one of many unique patterns that has been re appropriated as a stylish amenity to any outfit or lifestyle. Maybe some military camouflage clothing is what is missing from your wardrobe. Go out and try on some camouflage today! You never know.

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