Looking to Diversify Your Wardrobe? Check out This Popular Design

Camouflage baby clothes

Military camouflage design was first developed during the 19th century, as the accuracy and power of firearms improved. However, it wasn’t until World War One when camouflage first became popular among the United States military. In 1942, the artists named Grant Wood and Jacques Villon created patterns that were widely used for camouflage by the U.S. military. Camouflage utilizes two main elements of color and patterns in its design to disguise. Although camo design was developed for military forces, such as infantry, battleships and tanks, today camouflage is evident in camo clothes for women and men.

Camouflage design has become quite popular for non-military purposes, especially for individuals who support family members, friends, or loved ones involved in the military. The design has become popular among everyday items such as camo bed sheets, to camo purses and handbags ,to even camo hunting clothes. With the hunting season just getting underway, bright colored clothing such as a pink camo jacket is a great look for the female hunter. Some of the most famous female hunters have been seen sporting a pink camo jacket.

Some people may think the idea of sporting the camouflage look in everyday clothing and decorations may be tacky, but for many, the design has a deep meaning to them. For people who like to diversify themselves from the majority, the camo look is a different, and creative approach to fashion. While the camouflage look may not be for everyone, it is certainly popular among a wide variety of individuals. Learn more at this link: www.justcamo.com

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