Donate your old household items to those in need

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    The holidays are right around the corner and most of us are expecting to receive lots of gifts from friends and family. As the gifts pile up and add to our already large pile of items we own its a good time to start thinking about doing a purge of every room in the house. There are many children in need clothing spots for donation. How do we start such a thing and know which things should be donated here are some donation guidelines.

    When working on purging the kitchen you should think about how often you use the items you own. If you have a cupboard full of mugs and cups that you hardly ever use it may be time to purge some. No family needs to have 30 mugs when they only use four or five. If your children are all older now it might be best to get rid of the plastic cups they no longer need. Keep one or two around for when you have guests but that’s all you really need. When it comes to tupperware containers think about the last time you used them and go from there. If you haven’t

    4 Ways to Make More of an Impact When You Give to Charity

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    Charity donations

    Many people in the United States want to find a way to give back to their community. While there are a number of things people can do to support groups active in helping families in need or helping military families, many people are not sure how to donate to charity in a way that will have an actual impact. Forbes published information about how people can do just that.andnbsp;

    According to their reporting, it can be challenging to donate in a way that does something real for people who are in need. That is one reason people may hesitate. Continue Reading No Comments