Here are 4 Steps to Take When Making Charitable Donations of Clothing

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    Americans have been noted for charitable giving for a number of years. There are many charities located throughout the United States, some provide military support and work with veterans, others work with families in need. Whether it’s for military support or another reason, there are a number of ways to make donations to help charities. One such way is to donate clothing to a charity of your choice. If you’re making the decision to make charitable donations of clothing, there are several steps you should take, and this article will take a look at a few of them.

    • Determine Which Clothing Items You’re Donating: The first step to take is to determine which clothing items you will be donating. This can understandably feel overwhelming, particularly if you have a large amount of clothing in your closet. As a guide, follow the rule that states that any clothing item not worn in six months or longer should be given away and donated. This rule will make it easier to determine whi

    Three Things to Do With Your Old Clothes

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    If you have extra clothing that you don’t need or that is no longer useful to you, you may be wondering about donating clothing to charity. There are plenty of organizations that accept clothing donations, and here are some things your clothing donations could be doing.

    • Organizations that help military families Our nation’s military families have chosen a life of difficulty and sacrifice, and it’s up to us to do what we can to make things better for them. One thing you can do to help military families is to make a charitable donation to military charities or other organizations that help military families. This doesn’t have to be a monetary donation. Donations of clothing are very useful, too.
      The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 207,000 of our most recent veterans weren’t able to find any work as of early 2013, and the ve