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    High Visibility Gear Is Needed to Save Lives on the Job Site

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    High visibility clothing

    If you work in any type of construction that takes place outside, you already know how important it is to stay safe. Keeping everyone who works on the site as safe as possible should be the main concern of every manager and employer.

    If you have never worked in construction, you can understand the need for safety concerns, but you might not be able to fully understand the danger the men and women who work in the construction field are in on a relatively consistent basis.

    The dangers of the job site

    Picture this scenario. Let’s say you are traveling down a major highway at night. Many of the construction projects happen at night so that the impact on motorists will be limited. Even though the traffic lanes have been reduced to only one, you are able to speed

    Go All Out Or Keep It Simple? Here Are Some Great Tips For Picking A New Hair Color For 2018

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    Medium-length hairstyles

    The new year is upon us. It’s time for a new hair color!

    Wait. Hold up. Which hair color should you even choose? It seems every other month a new trend is making waves (sometimes literally) and it’s all you can do to get together a game plan before the next bandwagon rolls by. Instead of tearing your hair out over missed opportunities, give the list below a glance to get some ideas simmering. From traditional brunette hues to a classy rose gold, there’s a new hair color with your name on it!

    A Classic Brunette For Any Occasion

    When in doubt, go for the classics. Dark brown is a common hair color, but that doesn’t make it any less special! A new hair color doesn’t have to be over-the-top and extravagant, particularly for those that don’t visit the salon muc