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    How Planning an Outdoor Wedding Can Make Your Ceremony Unique

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    Planning an outdoor wedding

    Weddings are one of the most memorable experiences for most couples which is why making them a special experience is so important. As time has gone on, in an attempt to make their ceremonies more unique, many couples choose to opt for unconventional wedding practices to make them more memorable.

    More and more engaged couples are moving towards new customs so as not to be tied down by the regular wedding activities. Even some of the large staples have begun to dwindle in favor of practices that better reflect the bride and groom’s personalities. Even brides are choosing to alter their bridal party with only 38% of modern engaged women still having their bridesmaids in the exact same matching color dresses.

    One of the larger changes that have become popular is to remove the religious facto

    Sleep Like a Kid Again, with Adult Footed Pajamas

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    Onesie adult pajamas

    Remember waking up on Saturday morning and running downstairs to watch cartoons? Remember sliding across the kitchen in your onesies pajamas? Well, it?s time to start sliding again!

    Adult Pajamas Onesies? Yes! Adult Pajamas Onesies!

    Now, reportedly, almost a third of all Americans wear pjs to bed, 8% sleep au natural, and the rest wear “something else? (tutu? snorkel and flippers?). But 61% of those surveyed said they don’t have that many sleepwear options to choose from (meaning that they don’t own more than one or two pairs of pajamas). And I know, I know, we assume that young couples have more sexy sleep wear, but when asked if sharing a bed affected what they slept in, 84% of those asked answered ?no.?

    Well here?s another great option to add to the boring

    Three Applications for Custom Clothing

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    Custom made sweatshirts

    What we wear and why we wear it has changed drastically throughout history. It wasn’t until the early to mid 20th Century that personalized apparel became a significant aspect of businesses and individual expression. The boom of industry and capitalism in the U.S. during this time brought with it the creation of the T-shirt in 1920, a product which has since evolved into two billion dollar market. Today, 95% of Americans wear T-shirts, and 90% of Americans wear a T-shirt at some point every day.

    T-shirts, polos, hoodies, and other apparel and accessories are comfortable and stylish in their own right, but today you’ll seldom see someone wearing an article of clothing without some sort of brand, logo, quote, or special pattern embroidered into it or pressed on it. Today, the branded apparel industry is