Sleep Like a Kid Again, with Adult Footed Pajamas

Onesie adult pajamas

Remember waking up on Saturday morning and running downstairs to watch cartoons? Remember sliding across the kitchen in your onesies pajamas? Well, it?s time to start sliding again!

Adult Pajamas Onesies? Yes! Adult Pajamas Onesies!

Now, reportedly, almost a third of all Americans wear pjs to bed, 8% sleep au natural, and the rest wear “something else? (tutu? snorkel and flippers?). But 61% of those surveyed said they don’t have that many sleepwear options to choose from (meaning that they don’t own more than one or two pairs of pajamas). And I know, I know, we assume that young couples have more sexy sleep wear, but when asked if sharing a bed affected what they slept in, 84% of those asked answered ?no.?

Well here?s another great option to add to the boring old pjs and nightgowns, adult pajama onesies. That?s right, just like the ones you had as a kid, adult footed pajamas, one piece pajamas? onesie pajamas for adults.

Sleep Comfort

The average Americans sleeps between eight and nine hours a night, yet 40% of us get less than the amount of nightly sleep recommended. What?s more sleep inducing than cuddling up like you did as a kid in snuggly, warm adult pajamas onesies? On average, newborn babies sleep14 to 17 hours a day. Can I swear it?s the onesie pajama they sleep in? Can you swear it isn?t?


Does this all sound a bit silly and frivolous to you? Good! Life?s short, have fun! In 2012, on March 11, at the South By Southwest Interactive Festival at the Austin Caravan compound, in Austin Texas, the founder of Jumpin Jammerz, Steve Pandi, hosted a party where more than 300 attendees wore footed adult pajamas, breaking the Guinness World?s Record for the “Largest Footed Pajama Party? ever.

But you don?t have to have a giant slumber party to have fun with adult pajama onesies ? though I?m surely not against it ? they?re fun just in their own right! And how about animal onesie pajamas for adults, among many other pattern choices?

Oh, and did I mention the sliding?

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