How Planning an Outdoor Wedding Can Make Your Ceremony Unique

Planning an outdoor wedding

Weddings are one of the most memorable experiences for most couples which is why making them a special experience is so important. As time has gone on, in an attempt to make their ceremonies more unique, many couples choose to opt for unconventional wedding practices to make them more memorable.

More and more engaged couples are moving towards new customs so as not to be tied down by the regular wedding activities. Even some of the large staples have begun to dwindle in favor of practices that better reflect the bride and groom’s personalities. Even brides are choosing to alter their bridal party with only 38% of modern engaged women still having their bridesmaids in the exact same matching color dresses.

One of the larger changes that have become popular is to remove the religious factor of the ceremonies. Only 33% of couples have their weddings performed inside religious institutions, while the majority choose to arrange more unique locations such as planning an outdoor wedding. Even the individual performing the ceremony has begun to vary in recently popular options, with 18% of engaged couples asking a friend or family member to get ordained and officiate the marriage in lieu of a religious entity.

Some may see these evolving wedding practices as a negative change but for the more progressive engaged couples, making a unique wedding can be much more personal and memorable than just the traditional basic wedding settings. Organizing a ceremony on location or planning an outdoor wedding can be a great way to make a more meaningful wedding but their are seemingly endless facets that can be personalized to create your ideal ceremony.

There’s no need to be tied down by the traditional customs of wedding ceremonies and instead ensure that you love every minute of your wedding. When the couples are enjoying themselves more, there’s also a great chance that the guests will feel the same way. Whether you’re setting up an extravagant reception, having your dog walk up the aisle as a ring bearer, or planning an outdoor wedding venue, engaged couples should be able to customize their ceremony in a way they will always remember.

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