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    A Bridesmaid’s Responsibilities Start Long Before the Big Day

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    Being a part of the bridal party is a great honor, in theory. In practice, it can be busy, stressful, and expensive, and by the time the big day comes around, you may want to burn the whole event venue to the ground. If you’ve agreed to be a bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding, you would likely do anything for her. But that commitment will likely be tested over the next year.

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      It’s very exciting when a friend gets engaged, and asks you to be in the wedding. If you are the maid of honor, or live particularly close to the bride, she may bring you along to look at gowns, or tour wedding and banquet halls.

      When you first ag

    Why Finding an Affordable Engagement Ring Is Easier Than It Seems

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    Men s wedding bands

    We know the struggle: you want to buy a ring that’s one of the more affordable engagement rings on the market (or rather, you really can’t afford to buy one of those expensive designer engagement rings), but everything you see just looks cheap and flimsy. You’ve spent months looking for the perfect ring, and you’ve come up empty-handed, and at this point you’re starting to consider — seriously consider — making the pasta jewelry that you made in arts-and-crafts when you were six (because it’s the thought that really counts, right?).

    Buying a piece of custom jewelry — something that’s meant to last a lifetime and be a symbol of your love —

    The Top Three Facts You Didn’t Know About Jewelry History

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    Pandora for mom

    Whether you are looking at angel charm necklaces in the store display or your mother’s bridal jewelry, every piece of jewelry holds a unique position in history. Here are three things you did not know about jewelry history that might just surprise you:

    1. They’ve Operated as a Link to History

    Throughout the years, bracelets have served to carry some amount of meaning. Oftentimes that meaning is personal, such as a memento to an event or a loved one, and sometimes that meaning is as simple as a Pandora charm bracelets represent