Three Reasons Custom Tees Will Work for Your Business

Custom softball shirts

Many people have a collection of ill-fitting graphic tees in their closets, acquired over years of involvement in charity walks, community sports teams, different jobs, and other organizations. When they’re cheap the fit is never quite right or designed with human proportions in mind, the material is uncomfortable, and what’s printed across them are cheesy slogans and clip art images. When custom graphic tees are good quality though, they can be a really effective way to build the brand for an organization, to identify a group, and provide a uniform for employees.

They’re actually a great way to market your company
Part of effective marketing is building your brand, and part of brand building is creating a cohesive and recognizable look for your business. Custom shirt designs can help do this for you. Put your logo or business name on a shirt and sell it to customers (who become walking advertisements for you). Having a distinct color, logo, or image helps create and spread brand awareness.

They’re a good way to identify a group
There’s something that just appeals to people about wearing matching clothes, and it makes it really easy to identify those who are a member of a certain group. If you have a busy store and want to make sure it is easy for you and customers to see where your employees are, matching shirts are an easy way to do that.

They’re a cheap way to create a streamlined look for employees
Screen printing has been around for a really long time. It first became popular during the Song Dynasty, about 100 years ago. Since then, custom tee shirt printing has become a fairly inexpensive way to provide a uniform for a large group of people, which could otherwise become very expensive. Since these are typically ordered in bulk, there’s a lot less hassle for finding apparel for new hires.

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