The Top Three Facts You Didn’t Know About Jewelry History

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Whether you are looking at angel charm necklaces in the store display or your mother’s bridal jewelry, every piece of jewelry holds a unique position in history. Here are three things you did not know about jewelry history that might just surprise you:

1. They’ve Operated as a Link to History

Throughout the years, bracelets have served to carry some amount of meaning. Oftentimes that meaning is personal, such as a memento to an event or a loved one, and sometimes that meaning is as simple as a Pandora charm bracelets representing a favorite animal. Bracelets have also served as a vehicle for tradition, however, being passed down from mothers to daughters for generations as a form of family heirloom. While a mother might not pass down Pandora charm bracelets, many other bracelets have served as a link to the past.

2. Some Jewelry is More Historic than Others

While lots of bracelets have served as a link to the past via family tradition, it isn’t exclusively bracelets that have made that connection, nor, for that matter, family tradition. Charms carved from mammoth tusks have been found in Germany dating back to as many as thirty thousand years ago. If anything screams (or, more accurately, trumpets) history, it is icons like that!

3. Some History is More Ancient than Others

Then again, perhaps thirty thousand years just isn’t quite historic enough. After all, in the grand scheme of things, what is a few thousand years? Jewelry can rise to that challenge, however; African shell jewelry can date back as far as 75 thousand years ago. Humanity has been here for a long time, and as long as we have things like jewelry, we won’t forget our roots any time soon. What jewelry have you seen lately?

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