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    Popping the Question Across the US What Ring Styles are Popular?

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    Northern virginia diamond stores

    Everyone has their own personal taste in diamond engagement rings, but certain styles do tend to be more popular in certain areas around the country. What kind of ring is most popular in your city? We’ve compiled a list below.

      New York – Residents of the Big Apple want a big rock on their finger. New Yorkers prefer one big high-quality diamond, usually in a fairly simple setting. Since the s

    Engagement Traditions Throughout Time From Grass to Diamonds

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    The perfect engagement ring

    It has become tradition nowadays to give a diamond engagement ring to the one you love. But where did this tradition come from? As it turns out, engagement rings have taken quite a journey over the years, with people over time using many different things to symbolize their betrothal.

    • Neolithic Period: Cavemen tie cords of braided grass around their chosen mate’s wrists, ankles, and waist, to bring her spirit under his control.
    • Circa 2800 BC: Ancient Egyptians are buried with bands of gold or silver wire around their left ring finger, believed to be connected directly to the heart by the vena amoris.
    • 2nd Century BC

    Leather For Your Living Room

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    Dining room furniture

    What is a modern home without modern home furnishing? Recently, there has been an expansion of interests and modern home furnishing ideas. You will start to see more and more furniture sets these days that are unique and made of a variety of materials.

    Did you know that furniture is typically the third most lavish thing an individual will ever purchase, after a house and an automobile? Individuals invest quality time, cash, and exertion in selecting their home furnishing products. More nowadays, you will see leather furniture inside the homes of your friend and loved ones. Le