Wearable Advertising-How Custom T Shirts Can Drive Your Business

Compressed t shirts

Custom t shirt printing services can bring your creative dreams to reality. According to a recent study, the t shirt industry has grown more than 24.2% from 2009 to 2014. Many businesses take advantage of custom print services as part of their overall advertising and marketing campaign strategy. Though technology has revolutionized the way we communicate and do business, some traditional forms of marketing, such as printed collateral and custom designed tee shirts can help build your brand.

T shirts, are typically made of cotton, a versatile and strong fabric. Cotton is grown in 85 countries worldwide, yet only exported by 55. The United States is the second largest cotton producer as well as the largest exporter in the world, shipping 40%-60% of it’s yield abroad, and business continues to boom. Close to 29 million tons of cotton are produced each year, equivalent to roughly 29 t shirts for each individual person on planet Earth. T shirt printing services have seen an increase in business in recent years, as businesses are looking for unique ways to reach their target audience.

Close to 95% of Americans wear t shirts. With that being said, various businesses are capitalizing off of this classic trend. Quality printed t shirts make a bold statement that is sure to draw attention. Companies that specialize in t shirt printing services have talented designers that will breathe life into your vision. They work with you in order to design a signature look that is unique to your brand or cause.

Businesses are always seeking new ways to think outside of the box so to speak in terms of marketing and building their brand. Though staying current on market trends is crucial, perhaps businesses should also think inside the box, and reference traditional marketing strategies, such as printed material. By merging old school techniques such as custom t shirt printing services in addition to new school social media marketing, companies can develop a solid advertising strategy. After all, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Good references here.

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