Popping the Question Across the US What Ring Styles are Popular?

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Everyone has their own personal taste in diamond engagement rings, but certain styles do tend to be more popular in certain areas around the country. What kind of ring is most popular in your city? We’ve compiled a list below.

    New York – Residents of the Big Apple want a big rock on their finger. New Yorkers prefer one big high-quality diamond, usually in a fairly simple setting. Since the stone is the priciest part of the ring, this proves New Yorkers aren’t afraid to shell out the big bucks.

    Miami – Miami residents like a lot of sparkle for not a lot of money. They prefer a series of tiny stones on the band, or around a larger center diamond. This costs less than a larger single diamond, and makes it look bigger.

    Los Angeles – In a city mainly populated by movie stars, musicians, and celebrities, it’s not surprising that L.A. has a taste for the fabulous. While there’s no particular overwhelming trend in the City of Angels, they do have a tendency to go for fancier, more ornate, and trendier ring styles.

    Washington, D.C. – Residents of our nation’s capital have the most conservative taste in engagement rings. They lean towards colorless, round-cut stones, which appropriately mirrors the most popular cut in America.

    Texas – Everything’s bigger in Texas, and that includes engagement rings. Money is apparently no object, as Dallas ranks third for highest average spent on rings. Some shoppers choose decorative bands, but usually the main focus is on a large center stone.

    Chicago – Chicagoans are interested in the classics: colorless diamonds of a round or princess-cut variety. Clean-lined bands are most common, and channel-set stones are extremely popular in this part of the country.

Now, of course, don’t let your city’s most popular engagement ring style have too much of an influence on your ring decision. You’ll want to pay attention to your partner’s style in jewelry, and make your choice based on that.

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