Choosing The Right Area Rug For Your Space

An area rug is typically the final step in bringing the decor of a whole room together. Choosing a rug is a big decision because it can be costly and they are a focal point of the room. One of the most important attributes to consider when choosing an area rug is the size.

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Thankfully, there is a method to all of this madness!

First, you need to get all of your measurements. The rug you buy should go about four inches past all of the furniture that will be on it. You also need to consider if you need a custom-shaped rug to go around larger furniture like bookshelves, built-ins, and fireplaces. Pay close attention to anything else that might interfere with your rug.

The size of your rug is very important because it defines the space. Prefabricated area rugs are almost always the same standard sizes. The question is whether or not those standard sizes will meet your needs. Most of the time, you should find a size that works.

After deciding on a size, you’ll need to choose a material. The material you choose will depend on where the rug will be in your home and what its purpose is. Watch the video for more information.


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