How to Apply Press n Wear HTV to Athletic Clothes

Customizing your own clothing is easier than ever before with heat transfer vinyl. If you own a vinyl cutter, you can create your own designs from all kinds and colors of vinyl. Then, you can permanently apply your designs to all kinds of clothing and objects.

While it’s easy to apply HTV vinyl to some fabrics, others are tricky. The easiest fabrics to work with take heat well and are stiff rather than stretchy.

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But these fabrics are falling out of fashion for most people. The trickiest fabrics to work with are also some of the most popular. They include stretchy athletic fabrics.

The video on this page demonstrates the best way to apply press n wear HTV to athletic clothes without damaging the fabric of the HTV. Athletic fabrics tend to respond poorly to heat, so you need to make sure you don’t leave intense heat on the fabric for too long. In the video, the host says to try applying heat in short bursts of less than 10 seconds. Make sure you allow the fabric to cool down before trying again.

Using high heat even for short time periods may cause the vinyl to scorch, so you may need to use a Teflon protector.

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