The Perfect Ring for Her Four Tips for a Custom Designed Engagement Ring

Engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes, which means that there’s going to be something for everyone’s tastes. The same case applies to wedding rings, for which you actually have the option to create your own wedding rings. That said, the first rings that you’ll need are engagement rings, so this is the best place for you to start. If you want something out of the ordinary because this is what your partner prefers, there’s no shortage of ideas for interesting rings on the internet. In fact, you can actually come up with a design and customize your engagement ring with the help of a professional jeweler.

If you’re stuck on what a ring for proposal should look like, feel free to talk to the person for whom you’re buying the ring because they’ll be the ones to wear it. Make sure to go with their preferences, trying to get as close to what they like if you cannot get the specific design. This will make for an amazing engagement in which your partner feels truly special. They’ll be happy to be with someone who not only understands them but who can also go the distance to make sure that they get it.

Buying a wedding ring is more than shopping for jewelry. You’ll be buying a ring that your loved one will carry each day of their lives. Make the right call and buy a diamond encrusted engagement ring that showcases elegance and style. Although most wedding rings are expensive, they are worth every penny. Moreover, nothing will make your partner happier than a platinum engagement ring around their finger.

Finding the perfect wedding ring for your loved one requires heavy thinking and a sizeable budget. Moreover, consider quality rings such as Tiffany style moissanite engagement rings or diamond dress rings. Most of these rings show compromise while adding luxury and elegance to your partner’s hand. If you have trouble finding the perfect ring, you can search for Southern wedding rings and see if there are options that suit your needs. The most crucial element of every engagement ring is that your partner likes it. Ask family and friends for opinions before buying the ring.

Show your love and appreciation by adding a piece of luxury to your lover’s hand. Don’t hesitate to buy the perfect wedding ring for your partner.

It’s finally time; you’re ready to pop the Big Question! There’s just one problem: none of the rings in the stores are right. You want to make a statement and find a ring she’ll love, but you can’t find anything that is perfect for forever. Have you considered the process of making a custom designed jewelry piece for your future fiancee? Here are four tips if you’re thinking about a custom engagement ring for your bride-to-be.

Start Early

Handcrafted jewelry takes time to make, so you should think about starting your process about two to three months before you plan to propose. This will also give you time to save since, on average, the cost of an engagement ring nowadays is a cool $5,598, and that price can go up or down depending on the design and the jewelry insurance you may to choose to buy.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Inspired

Custom ring design doesn’t have to be one hundred percent unique. In the process of making a custom designed jewelry, feel free to be inspired by pieces you know she already likes and share those with the jeweler. Plus, if you propose with a ring inspired by her current tastes, it shows that you put serious thought into the ring design and you notice the little details. That effort goes a long way during the proposal!

Think About What Will Last

24-karat gold is too soft in its purest form for jewelry so if she loves gold, you may want to consider a more sturdy option. Diamonds, on the other hand, are long-lasting and stay brilliant for a stunningly long time. In 2012, diamond engagement rings made up an estimated $5 billion of U.S. jewelry sales. The industry must be doing something right if this little gem is still so popular over all these years. Your original jewelry design can still be unique even if it uses one of the world’s most popular and luxurious gems.

Get a Quote

It’s not usual to work with a master jeweler during the process of making a custom designed jewelry. In fact, specialty jewelers generate over 40% of the jewelry industry’s sales in the United States. With all of those options, you want to make sure that you’re choosing the option that’s best for you and your best girl. Don’t be afraid to ask for a quote to make sure that your design is in your price range. You also want to feel like you’re getting a piece that’s right for you. If you feel like the price doesn’t match the quality of work or your vision, you’re free to keep looking for a jewelry store or custom jewelry maker that’s right for you.



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