Great Ideas to Make Your Wedding Fun and Unique

According to Wedding Wire’s 2017 Newlywed Report, 63% of brides assert that they feel a lot of pressure to have a perfect wedding. Pulling off a successful wedding requires doing more than having enough budget. It requires creative plans and a powerful team. If you want to make your bridal ceremony more personalized, consider diy wedding arrangements. It is also cost-effective in the long run. Below are some great wedding ideas that will make your wedding day a magical event.

Floating Dance floor

People have come up with all creative ideas of dance floors ranging from monogrammed to checkered dance floors. You can take things to a new level by installing the illusion of a floating dance floor. It makes the place appear bigger and well lit.

Marching Band

A wedding procession with the help of a marching band will make your wedding fun. Most people have never witnessed a wedding ceremony turning into a personal parade. You can lead everyone to the reception if it is nearby. Ask the band to do some fun covers so that your friends and everyone else can sing along.

Floral Chandeliers

Here is an exciting way to transform your light fixtures into magnificent maculate chandeliers. Simply, put floral arrangement flowers upside down. You can equip these flower decorated chandeliers with wreaths. However, a simple display of DIY flower centerpiece is also impressive.

Hanging Flowers and Framed Mirrors

Wedding ceremony flowers can transform your reception into an attractive exquisite place. But you can take things a level higher by hanging flowers on the dance floor. Simple DIY wedding flower above the dance floor creates a stunning center point.

Framed mirrors do not only add depth, but it is also a creative addition to add sparkle instead of using chandeliers. Here is the interesting bit. You can fill your dance floor with flowers. Purple and bright yellow flower boutiques that are dance floor lit will completely transform your space.


If you want to make your bridal ceremony fun and successful, get your guests to be more involved. There is no greater way than creating a do it yourself bar for the evening reception. Such diy wedding arrangements will allow your guests to make their cocktails. It is a creative way to enable guests to connect, mingle, and serve glasses of champagne.

You can also have a cereal bar into place if you anticipate the reception to go up to the late night. Cereal is not only affordable but also requires little attention.

Video Box and Tables

We are in a new technology era. Instead of the conventional way of having written letters, consider a video shop. Here, you will view well wishes from your loved ones as you begin a new chapter in life. If you are on a budget, an iPad will do the trick.

A video table provides the guest to enjoy great moments which they might have missed. It also provides a great platform for guests to meet.

Open Tent

Nature offers excellent décor. An open tent is a unique way for your guests to enjoy views of the night sky. It is even better if you have fireworks. It would be a truly spectacular scene watching fireworks from the open tent.

Dyed Flowers

This is a new trend but worth trying out, especially for diy wedding arrangements. You can mix different dye textures and colors to create your dream aisle and altar. While shades of pink and red will work out just fine, you may want to try out soft blue or soft yellow. You will spend far much less money if you make your own bouquets.

Touch up Stations

Typically, ladies will dash out mid-party to fix their makeup and hairs. It is no wonder you will find long queues in the ladies’ room. But if you desire a seamless ceremony, we have suitable solutions for you. Put several touch up stations and get some professionals to work in them. They do not necessarily have to do a full makeover. Fresh curl or gloss comes in handy especially if they are expecting a photo shoot. Diy wedding arrangements are not only easy but also cut on the expenses you would incur. They will also ensure that your wedding remains the most memorable for long.

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