More and More People Are Choosing Body Art

Many years ago, we might not have seen so many people out and about with body piercings and tattoos, but today this has become our normal. Now, we see people with body piercings and tattoos who love to show off their amazing artwork in settings we could have never imagined, from the operating room to desk jobs and schools. Tattoo expression and body piercings are becoming more and more popular in our modern times.

Why We Love Body Modification

If you go to any tattoo parlor, you might be tempted to find the best artwork to put on your body or a body piercing that has meaning to you. In fact, piercings are becoming more than just a piercing that is fun to look at and sometimes useful for individuals, such as a specific type of body piercing that gives headache relief!

In the United States today, you might be surprised to find that over 37 million people suffer from serious migraines. Some studies have shown that a total of 13% of adults in the U.S. suffer from debilitating migraines and about 2-3 million of these sufferings are chronic cases. According to a recent survey, those who obtain the daith piercing have found that they suffer from migraines on a much smaller scale. 47% of respondents to a recent survey have said that the daith piercing has made them less likely to suffer from bad migraines that impact their daily lives. 50% have said that, even though they continue to get migraines, they are not as severe since they have gotten the piercing. This is amazing news for those who have chosen to get this piercing that is changing lives!

Many people are also obtaining their first tattoos or receiving tattoo removal as they cover or completely remove those from the past that they no longer want. About 11% of people who have tattoos are unhappy with one or more that they have on their bodies and are either getting one removed or have already had a tattoo removed. In all of the U.S., tattoo parlors are becoming more commonplace and a place where many people can go to get the tattoo of their dreams. In fact, 21,000 tattoo parlors exist across all of the U.S. today.

Many years ago, we would have worried about not being able to obtain employment or what others thought of us when we chose that new tattoo or a body piercing. Today, these types of body modifications are becoming much more commonplace, which means that they are widely accepted in many places today. This means that so many of us have a creative outlet and can meet others who enjoy this type of expression just like we do. Choose a new tattoo or piercing today when you are looking for change and want to add something special to your body that you will never forget!

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