Choosing the Right Venue whehn Hosting an Event will make a Significant Difference

The average engagement lasts 15 months, which gives couples almost a year and a half to make all the plans for their big day. Over the years, wedding trends have changed dramatically, which has changed the way people plan weddings.

For example, nearly half of all weddings are now officiated by a friend or family member. While banquet halls and country clubs are still of the two most popular venues, over 40% of couples now report they want to get married at a unique venue that reflects their personalities. This desire has led to an increase in destination weddings.

Venues that have experience hosting an event will have the resources and know-how available to make the planning of the wedding as low stress as possible or the bride and groom. A recent survey showed that the majority of brides reported that planning their wedding was far more stressful than they thought it would be. Additionally, they reported spending an average of 11 hours each week on wedding plans.

For a woman trying to work and keep up with other obligations, spending 11 hours a week on wedding planning can feel exhausting. This is one of the many reasons, it is important to choose a venue with a long history of hosting an event similar to the size and style wedding you are attempting to plan.

Large event spaces can be harder to find depending on where you are planning your wedding, but there are always options. A lot of places have wedding spaces that offer both indoor and outdoor options for the couple. The versatility a venue can offer is often comforting to the bride even if they already know what they want to do.

Most venues are flexible in the events they host. While they may be primarily focused on weddings, they likely are also open to hosting other events like birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, showers, or corporate events. When looking for a venue, it is important to not search solely for wedding venues because you might be missing out on the perfect location.

Search for corporate event space or a seminar venue to see what other options may be available to you. Once you see all your options, you can narrow down what you are really looking for. Typically, once you choose a location, you will need to meet with the coordinator or manager to put down a deposit to reserve the specific date you want. When hosting an event, the venue manager understands that while they may have several events each week, each event is highly special to the couple.

Once the venue is reserved, you get to start working out all the details. This includes what you may be renting from the venue or what you have to rent elsewhere and have delivered. Many venues offer their own catering, so you will need to meet with the kitchen manager to plan the menu. If the venue does not offer catering, you will need to choose a caterer and arrange delivery and serving of the food.

You will also have to make decisions related to linens, chair covers, the dancefloor, decorations, and more. While this may seem overwhelming to you in your planning, venues are accustomed to helping couples plan weddings, and they will know what needs reviewed and what the most common questions are going to be. It is important to relax and enjoy the planning process knowing that everything is going to work out, and your day is going to be as special as you hoped for.

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