Taking A Closer Look At Body Modification In the United States

Tattoos and tattoo expression are incredibly popular here in the United States – as well as in, of course, many other parts of the world. Tattoo designs are many and varied, and many people want to get a tattoo that is very much unique to them. In addition to tattoo expression, many people get piercing as a way to express themselves as well. In fact, types of piercings vary almost as much as types of tattoos, from the nose piercing to the navel piercing (and many, many more).

Tattoos are particularly common among the younger generations, with nearly half of all Millennials (forty seven percent, to be more exact) stating that they have at least one tattoo – and many Millennials having multiples ones that they have gotten over the course of their lives. In addition to this, Gen Xers also seem like like tattoos quite a bit, with just over thirty five percent of the Gen X population sporting at least one tattoo as well.

For people of all ages here in the United States, the data shows that very nearly fifteen percent of them have at least one tattoo, an age range that encompasses the freshest of eighteen year olds (the youngest you can be to legally get a tattoo without the permission of a parent or guardian) to senior citizens in their eighth or ninth decade of life. And many people choose the route of tattoo expression for many different reasons and it is safe to say that tattoo expression will not mean exactly the same thing from one person to the next.

And with this wide number of people getting tattooed, many tattoo parlors have found a considerable deal of success throughout the United States. In fact, there are currently more than twenty thousand of them in business, and many have been very much thriving in recent years. However, not all tattoo parlors are created equal, and it is highly important to thoroughly research a number of tattoo parlors in your area before choosing one to do your tattoo expression for you.

In fact, having the right artist for tattoo expression (and the right artist at the right parlor) is one of the top things that people consider before going to get their next tattoo expression. When it comes to tattoos, you want to be paying a considerable amount of money (around forty five dollars – at least – for a small tattoo) in order to ensure that the quality will be good. While a bargain deal can seem like a great opportunity, you will often be less than satisfied with the results you end up with, unfortunately.

But aside from tattoo expression, piercings as a mode of self expression have also become very prevalent here in the United States. In fact, it’s been estimated that the same percentage of people in the United States have piercings (other than ear piercings, which are much more common and universal throughout the population of this country as well as others) as those who have at least one tattoo. And navel piercings have been found to be particularly popular, as more than thirty percent of pierced women, whether they have multiple piercings or just the one piercing, report to having a belly button piercing, as it is also called.

Certain types of piercings can even be effectively used in a medicinal way – at least when it comes to treating migraines. And migraines are incredibly common throughout the United States, with up to thirty seven million people in total suffering from them on a regular basis – and even more having them on an occasional or very rare basis instead. For these people, treatment can be difficult. Medications don’t always work fantastically, and the side effects can make them unappealing. But for some, getting a piercing placed strategically has been found to have a tremendous impact on their overall well being and migraine frequency.

From piercings to tattoo expression, there are many ways that you can use body modifications to represent your personality – or even just your personal style, no matter what that might be.

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