5 Outdoor Activities to Try on Your Next Excursion

To many people, the idea of a trek into the great outdoors in not too appealing. That’s a real shame, because despite the wonders of technology that come with our advancing modernity, there’s nothing quite like spending time with your friends and family outside. We’ve compiled a short list of 5 activities you might want to try next time you head out on a trip somewhere close or far.

1. Rock Climbing

Though we recommend trying some indoor rock climbing first, once you’ve got that down, it’s time to take your hobby to the wilderness. Real rock climbing, when done safely and properly, is one of the most underrated adventure sports we have. Supplies for rock climbing aren’t too hard to come by. You’ll just need to check some local sporting goods stores or do a quick search online for “supplies for rock climbing.” From there, once you feel confident in your practiced abilities, do some research on some ideal locations near you and go have some fun! If you’re lucky, you might be able to find some outdoor beginner’s courses that would be perfect for a family!

2. Archery

If you’re like us, you watched Lord of the Rings and briefly became obsessed with archery. Just kidding, kind of. Anyways, archery is a perfect activity to pick up and learn. Classes are widely available, and it is such a fun skill to master. If you’re into hunting, it even has some practical application! Plus, it’s a fantastic workout for your arms.

3. Hiking

There’s nothing like a nice, long hike on a gorgeous woodland trail. Next time you’re looking for an activity with your friends, suggest a scenic hike through the wilderness. Everyone can put on their favorite adventure clothing brands and head out into the beauty of nature. Hiking is both relaxing and healthy, a great experience that can be had in a group or solo. Just make sure to take proper precautions if you’re hiking in the wilderness rather than a heavily-patrolled trail.

4. Rollerblading

Haven’t thought about this one in a while, have you? While you’re buying your supplies for rock climbing, why don’t you pick up a set of rollerblades and plan an excursion with your pals. Rollerblading can be a great workout you can do on the go, or you can even join a roller hockey league! It can be difficult, but it is so much fun and well worth the effort.

5. Scuba Diving

This one is pretty location-dependent, but if you’re in the right place, you should take advantage of that! Scuba diving is exciting and a rare look at another world: the sea! Getting to experience the creatures of the sea going about their business is almost meditative, and can be great for team-building as well. Many tourist spots offer scuba gear rental and guided tours/classes.

Those are our suggestions! What about you? What are your favorite outdoor activities? Have you tried any of the ones that we suggested? Share with us down below in the comments, and happy adventuring!

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