Residential and Commercial Interior Design Firms Offer a Lot of Guidance for Property Owners

When many people think of interior design firms they think of the residential sector. The reality is, however, that there are far more interior design professionals working in commercial interior design firms. From temporary hospitality projects to permanent features in restaurants, bars, wineries, breweries there are a number of commercial interior design firms who create a recognizable space for a particular company that can be easily replicated across the country. And while there are many commercial interior designers who work on projects that are used in many different locations, there are also office interior designers who create one of a kind unique spaces for dentist offices, doctor offices, and other locations.

Just as a company likes to have a digital branding campaign that helps to create an identity that customers easily recognize, companies also like to make sure that the have retail and office spaces that set a mood or create a memory. Think of the favorite sports bar that you and your spouse like to visit. Is it full of local sports memorabilia? Does it have a basic color scheme that is carried throughout the space? Do you feel at home when you enter? Many of these spaces are carefully created so that they connect with local customers as well as make sure that those customers feel at home.

Local sporting good stores also do the same thing. One location may have an indoor ferris wheel or rock climbing area, but a chain of these stores try to create an environment that feels familiar. Familiar enough that you may even know how to find the favorite items that you are most often looking for.

Both residential and commercial remodeling projects help building and business owners create a functioning and warm space. Consider some of these statistics that prove the interior design market plays an important role in our nation’s economy:

  • Residential remodeling, which often involves consulting with an interior design firm, around the nation posted a 5.2% increase and is expected to continue to rise through the year 2020.
  • American consumers spend approximately 33% of their annual income on housing, and many of there property owners want to make sure that they like the look of their residence.
  • At the end of 2017, the home ownership rate in the U.S. as of was 64.2%. People who own, instead of rent their homes, often spend more time and money on interior design decisions.
  • 30% of home remodeling is large additions and changes, according to Census Bureau reports. These same reports indicate that 40% of remodeling is minor additions and alterations, and 30% is basic maintenance and repair.
  • Metrostudy predicts that in the year 2018 there will be 12.57 million remodeling jobs completed that are all worth at least $1,000. Many of these projects will involve interior design consultations.

Both residential and commercial interior design firms play an important role in many of the spaces that we live in or visit on a daily basis.

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