The Importance Of Media Representation

Black celeb gossip

Many people in the United States are interested in the latest celebrity gossip and Hollywood news. There are many communities among gossip sites, such as a black gossip site. A black gossip site will more likely than not report primarily on African American celebrities, celebrating their accomplishments as well as providing the current celebrity news. While a black gossip site is geared mostly towards African American readers, it is free for anyone to read an enjoy, as admiration of a celebrity is, of course, not restricted to race. A black gossip site can also provide young African American teenagers (and younger) with famous black role models that may not get as much screen time or tabloid coverage in mainstream media.

For example, Will Smith is a highly successful and beloved African American man who is one of Hollywood’s top paid actors with the vast majority of his films grossing over $100 million dollars minimum. Denzel Washington is another positive African American role model. He is a successful actor who has been nominated for the Academy Award more than once – and he has won an Oscar twice. He was, in fact, the second black man ever to win an Academy Award (the first was Sidney Poitier). Oprah Winfrey is not only a household name, but a powerful role model to black women in particular. She overcame a lot in her life to get to where she is today, and she had her own television show (the much loved Oprah Winfrey Show) that ran for a total of twenty five seasons. She is also a humanitarian and has been involved with a considerable number of other projects. Finally, from black gossip sites to CD sales, Beyonce Knowles Carter is also a household name. She has a huge influence over pop culture as well as the music industry, and has an estimated net worth of over $400 billion. She is considered one of the most successful female artists in the whole world.

Representation is important, and a black gossip site can provide representation of famous black actors and musicians that might not be fairly represented on other forms of media. From Beyonce to Will Smith, these people deserve to be recognized and provide a positive influence to many of their young fans. Black celebrity news is just as compelling as any other type of celebrity news, and can have a positive impact.

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