Impress Your Guests With a Sterling Silver Tea Set!

Silver overlay technique

Having guests over, whether friends or family, is an important time for any homeowner. While it might sound like a time to be casual, it really is a time to try and impress. Inviting guests over to your home comes with an introduction of pride — showing off to others just how well your life is going, as well as how well you can keep your home. You want the home to be spotless, well-maintained, and up-to-date. Similarly, any small trinkets that might be used to impress whoever might be entering your home. If you can match the aesthetic of these items with the rest of your home, well, you’ll be exacting a sort of sophistication and class that will be certain to positively affect any guest.

One such item that can enliven your home is that of a sterling silver tea set. Sterling silver, which is the more durable version of pure silver, acting as an alloy of silver and copper, is a classy material that can bring a certain life to your home that no other material could. Not only does sterling silver look beautiful, having a high reflectivity, with polished silver reflecting 95% of the visible light spectrum, but it is produced when stars nearly 10 times as large as our sun supernovae — explode, meaning that your tea set is universal. Consider that for a conversation starter!

Guest: “Wow, what a beautiful sterling silver tea set you have!”

You: “Oh, why thank you. It’s from outer space.”

Guest: “What?!”

You: “Why yes! Silver is created when massive stars supernovae — also known as exploding!”

Guest: “Oh my, I never knew that!”

If you truly want to finish off the sterling silver tea set, you can match it with a variety of other silver objects, ones that can line your dining room area, bringing it both a sense of sophistication, wealth, and beauty. In addition to the sterling silver tea set — which will consist of a sterling silver tea pot, sterling silver baby cup, and sterling tray, you can light your table with sterling candlesticks and feature family photos or paintings in sterling silver picture frames.

By tying the aesthetic together, you can bring a perfect sort of wonder to your home, all the while impressing your guests.

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