Why Choose Fun Temporary Tattoos for Kids

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The FDA defines a temporary tattoo as a decal that is used to decorate any part of the body and usually lasts between one and seven day. Temporary tattoos are particularly popular among children and at Halloween time.

Temporary tattoos are applied by wetting the area you want the tattoo to go. Then removing the film from the tattoo and carefully placing it on the skin. Then you wet the tattoo by carefully blotting it with a wet towel. You do not want to rub it with water as this will mess up the tattoo.

Like everything else, temporary tattoos have developed a lot over the years. They are made from better materials now making them safer and longer lasting. Glitter is also commonly used in temporary tattoos now making them even more popular. Glitter tattoos are thicker than other temporary tattoos, so they are better when placed on an area that won’t be moved and stretched a lot. For example, glitter tattoos are not best for the back of the hand because it will crack more easily.

Fun temporary tattoos for kids range is shapes and sizes making them suitable for all ages. A lot of temporary tattoos are roughly 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches in size because it is a very manageable size for a small child. It can easily go on the back of their hand or their cheek. The smaller tattoos are also easier to apply without cracking or peeling.

A recent study found that seven out of ten parents were spending $300 or more on their child?s birthday party. While one out of seven admitted to spending over $1000 on their child?s birthday party. Having a professional come to the party to apply fun temporary tattoos for kids is a great way to keep the kids engaged throughout the party and will make the temporary tattoos more of an activity, opposed to a favor.

Temporary tattoos are also very popular around Halloween time for both children and adults. Halloween temporary tattoos with and without glitter are top sellers. When it comes to Halloween time, adults often join in the fun as well sporting Halloween-themed temporary tattoos.

Temporary tattoos also offer a great alternative to candy at Halloween and other holidays. A frequent criticism of Halloween is that the children are overloaded with candy. Temporary tattoos are something fun, inexpensive, and easy to hand out to all the trick-or-treaters that knock on your door.

The holiday fun doesn’t have to stop at Halloween either. You can get Christmas-themed temporary tattoos for the stockings and Spring-themed temporary tattoos for the Easter baskets. There are fun temporary tattoos for kids that cover all the major and minor holidays.

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