Three Great Ways to Show You Love Kentucky

Kentucky bourbon apparel

You don’t have to live in Kentucky to know it’s one of the greatest states in the south. This state is home to bluegrass, great sports, and beautiful southern views. You might be wondering what ways you can wear your support of the state you love. A promotional product can be a great fashion statement that also shows how much you love a state. The first promotional product that was made for sale in the United States was invented in 1789 by George Washington. In this post, you will learn three great ways to show your love of Kentucky through the apparel you wear.

  • Local Company Shirts

    You don’t have to proudly wear a shirt with the name of a state on the front. It’s likely that many great companies came from your state. People from Kentucky know that we are a major producer of Bourbon. About 95% of all bourbon produced in the world comes from Kentucky. Makers Mark shirts are popular items that show how much you love anything from Kentucky. Simply Southern tees are popular ways to show that you love where you came from.
  • Kentucky Sports Radio Apparel

    Many people in Kentucky love our amazing sports radio programs. Hundreds of thousands of eager listeners tune into their favorite radio show each week. Wearing Kentucky sports radio apparel will ensure you have a wide array of styles and designs to choose from. Shopping for apparel online is a popular way to order Kentucky sports radio apparel. Data collected from 2016 shows that 55% of people in the United States did some form of holiday shopping online.
  • Apparel Supporting Local Colleges

    Many people in Kentucky have lived here for most of their lives. It’s common for college graduates to want to wear attire from their alma mater. One popular seller is any type of University of Kentucky apparel, a very popular local college. You will find Kentucky merchandise from nearly every college in the state.

In summary, there are several great ways to show your support of the great state of Kentucky. You may choose to find apparel that is made from local Kentucky companies. Kentucky sports radio apparel is popular for both local residents and avid sports fans. You may choose to wear Kentucky themed apparel from local colleges in the area. No matter which apparel you choose, showing you love of Kentucky is always a fashionable idea.

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