How To Choose The Best Wedding, Birthday Or Valentine’s Day Flowers


Flowers are one of the world’s most beautiful creations. Humanity has written countless songs about them, painted them and planted them as far as the eye can see. From their brilliant colors to their unique shapes, flowers come in a wealth of different shapes and sizes. As you can imagine, even our modern world still has a healthy love for flowers and the joy they bring to our lives. They’re used as gifts for a person’s birthday or as a way of expressing mourning over the loss of a family member. When you’re not sure which type of flower to pick for your occasion, a little research can’t hurt.

Did You Know?

The job of a florist is to help people choose the right flowers for their special occasion. Flowers have been found to make up around 8% of the average wedding budget, which is impressive when you know how expensive weddings can be! Mother’s Day is easily the most popular holiday for flowers and sees an impressive one-fourth of all floral purchases made on specially marked days. For example, a third of all adults bought either flowers or potted plants as gifts for Mother’s Day back in 2015.

What Are Good Birthday Flowers?

Flowers are wonderful birthday gifts. A florist can better help you pick the right bouquet to give to a co-worker or a friend, from the color to hypoallergenic types for sensitive noses. Studies have shown over 60% of Americans feel quite special when they receive a gift of flowers, with another 70% saying the mere sight and scent of flowers can greatly improve their mood. Tulips are quite popular, though it’s important to remember they have a very short lifespan — anywhere from three to seven days.

What Are Good Romantic Flowers?

Perhaps you want to buy bouquets for someone very special in your life. Contrary to popular belief, men like to receive Valentine’s flowers just as much as women. The American Society Of Florists has revealed that nearly 40% of women buying flowers on Valentine’s Day did so for their spouse. Roses have long been associated with love in the West, mainly red ones, though pink ones can be a very cute choice.

What Are Good Wedding Flowers?

Lilacs are the most popular wedding flower by far. However, it’s a little difficult to come by. It’s only in season for three weeks out of the year in spring, meaning you may have to choose another type. Baby’s breath and yellow roses can be quite lovely for weddings, though sunflowers are coming into fashion. During the holiday season many customers like to buy flowering houseplants as additional gifts, which can be a great idea to pair with a bouquet.

Should I Call For A Flower Delivery?

If you need a little help choosing the right flowers or putting together a bouquet, a florist has you covered. Your local florist can make sure your bouquet is a gift to be remembered, styling it with ribbons and little decorations to transform already wonderful plants into a work of art. They can also assist with hypoallergenic options to make sure nobody’s getting a stuffy nose on a special day. Flowers are a fantastic gift straight from nature and go a long way in showing how much someone means to you.

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