How Do Leather Luxury Goods Come to Define Style?

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Which is your favorite leather item? That butter-soft blue leather backpack? Or the perfect little pocketbook in white with gold accents? Leather is versatile, durable and trendy. All these characteristics make it popular with designers and consumers alike. In the hands of leading designers, basic necessities like leather wallets for women become fashion statements. Leather jackets, pants, belts, backpacks and other fine leather goods all represent classic good taste, quality and workmanship.

The craft of leather-making
The craft of leather-making has a long history around the world. The ancient Romans used it for many different purposes: sails, household furniture, tents, weapons, and body armor. For women in ancient Egypt, it was the essential fashion accessory.
Leather making is a long process and has three stages: preparation, tanning and crusting. The unit of weight measurement for leather is ounces per square foot. So a 3-ounce leather would en one square foot in size and weigh three ounces. It’s thickness would be about 1/8 of an inch. The thickest leather typically is cowhide, which comes in 1- to 12- ounce varieties.

Trends and fashions in leather clothing
The trend for leather jackets was actually inspired by the aviator jacket worn by General Patton during the Second World War. It was continued by another, quite different, popular hero, actor James Dean. During the 1980s, leading fashion designers like Claude Montana, Versace, Armani, Ungaro, Fendi, Gucci, Alaia, and Hermes began putting their own individual stamp on leather clothing and accessories.
Leather speaks to timeless values and classic style. In this department, bags and accessories from Coach are the ultimate must-haves. Celebrities think so too, including actress Chloe Moretz, who modeled for Coach’s 2016 spring campaign.

Accessories and bags as luxury items
Leather continues to be a popular material and most people have around four leather items on their person at any given time. These could be leather wallets for women, satchels, leather totes, and many other items. Leather wallets for women come to identified with particular designers and styles, and the famous brand names are highly prized.
As with all luxury goods, items such as leather satchels for men and leather wallets for women come to define the individual’s identity and taste as well. Leather bracelets and jewelry, watch straps, and others fine leather goods express classic values and the good taste that never goes out of style. A new trend seen in the luxury industry is the use of leather goods for interior decoration, according to Absolute Breton.

With all the virtues of quality, durability, versatility and aesthetic value, leather has a secure place in the world of high fashion and quality goods. Accessories such as leather keychains and leather wallets for women also make excellent gifts.

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