Do You Have Lots of Photos and Slides? 7Reasons to Digitize Them

Old photo restoration services

We take photographs to capture the important moments of our lives. The images we capture tell the stories of our lives. Most images that are taken today are taken using digital technology but that is a relatively new development in the technology. Most people still have old photos and slides. These can be kept looking great by scanning your photographs and slides. A scanned photograph will last a lot longer and will be easier to store.

Seven Reasons to Digitize Your Photographs and Slides:

  1. Photographs and slides deteriorate over time. Time is not always kind to slides and photographs. This is one of the main reasons photo digitizing services and slide digitizing services even exist. You may be careful with your prints but the inevitable march of time will end up destroying your images. Scanning your photographs and slides is the only way to keep those images safe. A scanned photograph is a safe photograph.
  2. You protect your images from disaster. If something were to happen to your photo albums, you can lose all of your images. When your photos and slides have been digitized, you can protect them from fires, floods and other natural disasters.
  3. Colors shift as photographs and slides age. The colors on film negatives, slides and photographs tend to change as the medium ages. These changes are very noticeable in color photographs and slides. This deterioration and color shifting does not happen with digital photos. As soon as it is scanned, a scanned photograph will be set. The image will not change, the color will not shift and the image will be available for future generations to appreciate. Photo restoration services can fix up older photos and then the scanned photograph looks as good as the day the image was captured.
  4. You can show off your slides. If you have a lot of slides, it may be hard to show them to your friends and family. Do you have a slide projector? You probably have a television. If you use a slide scan service, you can show your images to the people in your life by streaming them to your television. You can stream these images from your computer or your smartphone. This makes it a lot easier to show off your images. You can even send your slide shows to other people and include music and narration.
  5. Scanning negatives and slides allows you to see what you have. If you use a negative and slide scanning services company, you can quickly and easily go through your images and see what you have. It is really hard to do this any other way. By scanning all of these materials, you may find images that did not realize you even had.
  6. You can share your images. A scanned photograph can be shared on social media channels, on your website, you can have a variety of products made with the images you already have. The number of fun things you can do with your scanned photographs is nearly endless. If you have a family reunion or other event coming up, you can create digital slideshows or movies to show off your images. You can even make calendars and cards with those images. These are things that are not possible unless you have had your images digitized.
  7. Your images are important to your entire family. Photos are a lot like time machines. Few things can bring you back to certain times in your life or your family’s history like a photo can. They say that a “picture is worth a thousand words” and this very true for personal histories. By digitizing your photo and slide collection, you make it possible for everyone in your family to access, enjoy and learn more about your family’s story. The images that are stored in one photo album in an attic can only be viewed by one group of people at a time. Digital images can be enjoyed by many people, located all over the world, at the same time.

Many of us have images that are important to us. Nearly one quarter of all Americans say their photos are their most prized possessions. Scanning yours will keep these looking great for generations.



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