The Fan Story Behind the Brick in Supreme’s Fall/Winter Catalog

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It’s ironic, but the skaters and burnouts who would normally make fun of someone who paid $3,000 for Prada shoes will go absolutely bananas for the latest drop from Supreme clothing store. And as it turns out, Supreme apparel devotees really will buy anything, so long as you slap the Supreme clothing brand and logo on it first.

Consider: the Supreme brick. That’s right, a literal brick, made out of red clay. A brick just like any other brick you’d find anywhere else — except this one has the Supreme logo on it.

The skater brand unveiled this brick — which, again, is just a brick — as part of their Fall/Winter 2016 collection preview. It was definitely the most curious new piece in the collection, more so than the cutesy ashtray or the motorcycle helmet you can soon get when you buy Supreme online.

It’s left the fashion world scratching its head. Fader called it “surreal.” Esquire wondered out loud if it was all a joke. The brick came with no explanation, no reasoning — but two superfans might have the answers behind this mysterious brick.

Nicholas Neporanny and the one-name-only Lawrence, a Supreme brand clothing reseller, claim they came up with the idea for the brick and started an email campaign to get the company to make it back in March.

The two used the site’s “request” form to suggest the company make a “Supreme Throwing Brick,” and encouraged others to do the same.

“We had about 100 people send in emails to Supreme, saying we’d love for you guys to do a brick and blah blah blah, so they had to have seen the idea and put it together,” Lawrence explained. “It can’t just be coincidental where they were like, ‘Let’s just do a brick this year.'”

The skate company hasn’t replied to any requests for comment on the matter, and no details have emerged about how much it might cost to ship the brick if you buy Supreme online.

The only question remaining: How many bricks will you buy, and what do you plan to do with them? Research more here.

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