To Prevent Crows Feet, Protect Yourself From the Sun

Auspect skin

Crows feet can provide a lot of stress for people of all ages. No one enjoys having wrinkles on their face especially accompanied with a sinister name. One of the major causes for face wrinkles is extended exposure to sunlight. There are a few things that we all can do to prevent these issues:

Use Plenty of Sunscreen

Because the sun causes so much damage to your skin and makes you squint for hours on end, you are much more susceptible to crows feet. Using sunscreen every time you go outside for more than a few minutes. It might seem like overkill, but the science is proven: continued exposure to the sun causes various chronic skin conditions and skin disorders, cancer, problems with your eyes, and even hair loss.

Use Successful Moisturizing Lotions

An easy way to fill the lines in your face and prevent new wrinkles from happening is to apply plumping moisturizer cream to your skin and face. You should apply twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Because these moisturizers have hydration present, spreading the cream on your skin can remove wrinkles and give you a much younger look.


Receiving a facial once a month stimulates and increases the circulation in your skin. Using mild electrical currents via cosmetic facial procedures can tone your muscles in your face to look like they did in your younger years. Along with preventing crows feet, you’ll actually look younger, feel better, and be happier.

Protective Sunglasses

Along with protecting your skin from the sun with sunscreen, sometimes that’s just not enough because of the damage the sun causes to your eyes. If you’re outside for a long time and the sun is beating down, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll spend the whole day squinting and doing damage to your eyes. Wearing UV protective sunglasses are great for preventing wrinkles from forming around your eyes. You won’t be affected by any dangerous skin problems caused by the sun, and your shades will help your eyes stay protected and unstrained.

Everyone’s skin reacts differently to exposure to the sun but it’s important to not risk any potential problems by not doing these easy preventative methods. Use sunscreen, moisturize, treat yourself to a facial every once in a while, and wear protective sunglasses.

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