A Picture of Your House Could Be Worth Thousands

Digital photo editing services

The real estate market is very competitive these days. If you’re selling your home, chances are you will have some stiff competition from other sellers in your immediate area and the areas around where you currently live. You need to stand out. More accurately, your home needs to stand out.

With the modern technology we have around the world, a home for sale can be seen by anyone on the planet who has an internet connection. People in China who are moving to the States can go onto a real estate agent’s website anywhere in the country and view a home that they want to see. What they will see, of course, is a picture or series of pictures of the house they are hoping to purchase. It is not common, but also not unheard of, that people will make an offer on a house just from seeing the series of pictures displayed on the real estate website. You can see how obvious it would be, then, that putting up the best quality photos of a home for sale would greatly enhance the probability of that home being sold.

Knowing that photos are a great tool for selling a home, the question then becomes, what types of photos should be taken and displayed. You and your realtor can decide what to take pictures of, but how and with what type of camera those shots should be taken is where you should start your planning process. You might also ask what you want to do with the shots you’ve taken before you post them to any website. Do you need to touch them up? Do any changes to the lighting? Do you need photo enhancement services to get just the right look from your pictures? All of these questions come into play when you consider what to post.

You might think that all pictures are the same and that on will work as well as the next, but if you want to sell quickly and for the highest amount, consider going with a more professional look than with the camera on your mobile phone. The sale price and time spent on the market are dramatically affected by the quality of the pictures you take or have taken for you. Redfin, a residential real estate data company, found that homes listed between $200,000 to $1 million sold for $3,400 to $11,200 more relative to their list prices when the listing photos were taken by a DSLR camera. Photo enhancement services such as photo correction services and photo editing services can also contribute to a higher sale price for a home. It just makes sense: If a house is looking its best, it will be more attractive to prospective buyers, whether they live in your town or in China.

In the $149 billion trade that is online advertising, you would be very hard pressed to find a real estate company that isn’t marketing its listings online. Whether they use DSLR cameras, professional photographers or their iPhones, real estate agents are using visual marketing to help sell their client’s homes. Photo enhancement services like photo retouching might be used to get the details just right, but one thing is very clear: if you want to sell your home, using the best photos you can get is the way to go.

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