How To Get A Body Piercing Apprenticeship

Instructional body piercing apprenticeship

Do you have a passion for body piercing? You should consider a piercing career! While some choose to find an art major in school to fuel their passion, others prefer to directly mentor under an experienced artist and learn as they go. The benefits of a body piercing apprenticeship program are numerous, ranging from a small and intimate learning environment to interacting directly with customers and seeing the process unfold in front of you. Look below on how to get a body piercing apprenticeship, from the history of body piercing to medical knowledge to simple steps on obtaining a mentorship at your local studio.

Body Piercing History

The oldest known body piercing was found in a grave dating all the way back to 2500 B.C. Numerous cultures all throughout the expanse of human civilization to the modern day have a deep history with body piercing and modification, from nose piercings in India to lip piercings in Ethiopia. Elaine Davidson of Scotland currently holds the record for the most body piercings to date at a whopping 6,005 piercings! While body piercings in America are commonly attributed to counterculture and youth movements, it’s estimated only 27% of American teenagers have piercings. When it comes to piercing styles and types, the list only gets longer each decade!

List Of Body Piercings

Body piercing popularity depends greatly on the age, culture and gender of the participants. A recent survey found that the nipple is the most popular piercing location for men, at 18%, while the eyebrow and tongue follow close behind at 17% and 16%, respectively. Women often prefer the navel at 33%, with earlobes, tongues and eyebrows rounding out the survey. An estimated 80% of Americans have their ears pierced, while some visit a studio more than once if their piercing closes up. While simple studs and rings are popular among men, women are more likely to have extravagant jewelry and chains.

Basic Medical Knowledge

It’s tempting to just want to learn how to body pierce, but you’ll need additional skills as well. While body piercing is incredibly artistic, everyday medical knowledge is essential in making sure it’s done in a healthy and safe manner. Common issues with piercings include, but are not limited to: piercings closing up, allergic reactions, permanent scarring and potential infections. Learning how to pierce means not only operating equipment and brushing up on different cultures and artistic expressions, but how to prep, clean and promote awareness. You’ll have to teach customers how to maintain their piercing as it heals and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have some firsthand knowledge yourself!

How To Get A Body Piercing Apprenticeship

Now that you’re familiar with some history and modern culture, how do you go about getting an apprenticeship? If you’re graduating high school or are currently attending college, many studios offer part-time apprenticeships that can help you learn vital skills on-site to further your career. Schedules are not always consistent due to the nature of the business, so it’s essential to learn more about the unique studio that you’ll be applying at. Piercing goes hand-in-hand with fashion, as well — an eye for color and style will definitely not be remiss at a piercing parlor! A piercing apprenticeship is wonderful for everyone involved, as it teaches you the skills you’ll need to thrive and it helps those already neck-deep in their career field flex their knowledge. Now that you know how to get a body piercing apprenticeship, which studio will you contact today?

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