Three Reasons Why Customized Apparel Sells Itself

Screen printed polo shirts

When running a fundraiser, the most difficult challenge can be getting the word out about your cause. Whether you’re working for a charity with a big goal in mind or trying to raise money for your school, you may find that things like flyers don’t cut it. That’s because things like that are temporary. They have no real value to people, and so they’re easily thrown away and forgotten about. Customized apparel is another thing entirely. Customized apparel — like custom spirit wear for schools — is a great way to not only make people aware of what you’re raising money for in the moment, but for a long time to come. It unites people as a sort of team, and gives them something whole and tangible to support, rather than simply an idea. But we won’t stop there. There are plenty of reasons why custom apparel is a great option, no matter what you’re fundraising for.

1. Custom Apparel Lasts

Let’s say you’re raising money for your child’s soccer team. Custom spirit wear not only makes the message clear to people — this is what you’re raising money for, this is who you’re supporting — but it also lasts for years. It’s said that decorated apparel is an $8 billion industry, and it’s no wonder why. Custom spirit wear has a particular appeal when you’re raising money for school sports. Parents and family members will love wearing custom team apparel, because it connects them even more to their child’s sport. Custom team shirts in particular are very easy for people to incorporate into their wardrobes, with 89% of Americans putting on a t-shirt at least once a week, and nine out of 10 Americans admitting to keeping a t-shirt due to sentimental value.

2. You Have A Variety Of Options

Of course, you’re not limited to ordering t-shirts to raise awareness and money for your fundraisers. Many have found success in using polo shirts, especially when it comes to company events. The main difference between a t-shirt and a polo shirt is that, though polo shirts are comfortable, they remain a bit more businesslike and formal than t-shirts. Sweatpants and shirts can also be ordered, and are great for events that occur during cooler weather. Additionally, sweats can be ordered in matching sets, making their appeal even greater.

3. Apparel Has Value

There are those who wish to use apparel simply to spread word about their fundraisers, and those who wish to sell apparel to raise funds. Either way, it works. You can order customized apparel at a good rate, and make a profit for your fundraiser. This is because apparel, unlike things like sweet treats, have a permanent value. People can keep them as treasured memories forever. And they have a practical element, too. People are simply more willing to spend money on clothes than many other things.

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