Classic Nightie Wearer or Footie Pajama Proponent – What Your Pajamas say About You

Women footed pajamas

What you wear to bed can say a lot about your personality. Just as with your regular clothes, pajamas express your personal style. They can also give little hints about your life and daily activities by showing how you choose to end your day. Do you like fancy night gowns or the uninhibited fun of a footed pajama? Read below to find out what your pajamas say about you!

  • Nightgown
    If you wear nightgowns to bed, you must be one sophisticated lady. You enjoy the finer things in life and can appreciate the luxury of slipping into a silk nightgown after a long day. You?d rather not be bothered with sets ? a one piece pajama works fine for you. Your favorite activities include reading, maybe knitting; and you definitely have a cat. You appreciate traditional values and often believe you were born in the wrong era.
  • Big T-Shirt
    You?re the kind of person who would take comfort over glamour. If you wear an oversized t-shirt to bed, you?re a no-frills type of person who could never justify spending over $25 on sleepwear (I mean, you?ll be ASLEEP while you wear it, so you can?t even enjoy it, amirite?). A typical Saturday night for you includes ordering pizza or Chinese takeout and binge watching episodes of The Office on Netflix.
  • No Pajamas
    You?re a true free spirit. You believe that there is nothing better than your birthday suit. Who needs pajamas to keep everything restrained? Feeling free and being totally comfortable is important to you, and that translates into other aspects of your life. You?re not afraid to say exactly what?s on your mind and stand up for what you believe in.
  • Footed Pajama
    You?re the life of the party! Joking around and having fun is what life is all about, and you show that in your choice of sleepwear. You rarely care what people think of you; as long as you?re comfortable and having a good time, you’re a happy camper. You wish everyone understood how comfortable pajama onesies can be. If you loved a good footed pajama as a kid, you were ecstatic when you found out that adult footed adult pajamas were a thing. If you wear a footed pajama to bed, you most likely still have slumber parties with your friends (and they all wear footed pajamas, too).
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