Christmas Gift Guide What Are the Best Baby Clothes To Give as Gifts?

Baby boy onesies

Christmas 2015 is right around the corner, but baby gift buying season technically lasts forever. You’ll be buying gifts for years to come, we promise. Not to mention all the baby showers you’ll likely attend in the years to come. There may be a time to feel just a little bit resentful about all the gifts you have to buy, but the Christmas season is not that time.
So with that in mind, it’s the perfect time to discuss the best baby clothes to give as gifts, whether it’s for a Christmas present this year or a baby shower yet to come!

Cute Baby Clothes

Okay, but what exactly defines “cute baby clothes”? After all, that adorable pink princess onesie your sister loves might look hopelessly tacky to you, while the gender-neutral baby clothes your fashion-forward friend from college buys might not be totally Christmas gift-appropriate. When it comes to buying cute baby clothes, trust your instincts. In 2015, adorable patterns and awesome prints combined with bold colors were a popular hit, replacing the soft blues and pinks you’re familiar with.

Stylish Baby Tees

A few years ago, slogan tees were popular for human beings of all ages. Grown ups wore shirts that said things like, “Kiss Me I’m Irish,” while young children wore shirts with rebellious but age-appropriate slogans. Now, most parents have outgrown those cutesy tees for more stylish options, like solid-colored long-sleeve tees with buttons. And that goes double for parents of baby boys, who more than ever are looking for stylish baby boy tees for their little men.

Softest. Pajamas. Ever.

Finally, you can never go wrong with giving new parents an extra pair of pajamas. However, if you want your gift to stand apart from the other presents under the tree, look for a unique pair of baby pajamas, not just something off the discount rack. Fortunately, you can look for baby pajamas online with fun, festive prints, or snag a pair of Peruvian pima cotton pajamas, which will be the softest pajamas you’ve ever felt, guaranteed.

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