3 Perfect Holiday Gifts For Grown Ups Who are Kids at Heart

Animal onesie pajamas for adults

With the holiday season just around the corner, people are making mad dashes to the closest shopping mall, in hopes of checking every name off of their shopping list. For the adults on the list, it’s typically easy to shop for them: buy uncle Marty a Zany tie, buy Grandma Lottie that awesome cookware set she told you about from William Sonoma. And if all else fails, you can always opt for a gift card.

But what about those adults that are hard to shop for? You know the type — the weekend warriors, the ones that still take joy in throwing water balloons at your 12-year-old nephew. He was dubbed the class clown in school and thinks the Hangover is a work of artistic genius.
Yes, the adult who wants to be a kid forever. Indeed, while there is nothing wrong with this type of person. Their lifestyle might not be for you, but it certainly works for them. Even so, this makes it even harder for you to shop for them.
But fear not! Here are 3 gifts to buy for grown ups who are still kids at heart:

  1. Concealed “Boozy Gadgets”

    The only thing better than feeling like a kid is being a kid who is well over the drinking age. Help them celebrate by buying them their very own secret flask that looks like a digital camera Drinking never got so silly.

  2. Adult Pajamas Onesies

    Sure, childrens onesie pajamas look cute and all, but everyone knows they’re the most comfortable things ever. Adult pajamas onesies come in a range of colors and styles, and are guaranteed to be the perfect lazy Sunday wear.

  3. A ‘Profanity Flipbook’

    Need help getting our your profane frustrations? This flipbook can help. This creative toy helps adults to get creative with how they express themselves, helping them to utter profound phrases such as “ass waffle” when angry.

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