Put Down The Selfie Stick And Go Find A Professional Photographer

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Photos are the next big thing. We’re all about selfies and recording moments and presenting things visually these days. In 2012, Instagram had over 500 million images — that’s over 30 times more photos than the whole Library of Congress archive! Today, there are about 300 million active users on Instagram that share an estimated 70 million photos every day. That’s a lot of pictures! So it stands to reason you’d want something tangible — more than just pictures on your computer and phone. Many people have fond memories of looking back at photo albums. These days, with our technology, you can make beautiful keepsakes that will last decades. If you want a really well done job, you should contact a photo album design service or look into professional photo books.
How Photos Impact Our Lives
Pictures are everywhere in our lives. They’re a huge part of our social life and are often treasured as family keepsakes. There’s nothing like being able to see a picture of your parents or grandparents at your age! A wedding photographer and having wedding photo editing services is a huge part of getting married these days. However, pictures are also extremely important in business.
For example, in real estate, did you know that listing photos on a real estate company’s website or catalog can be a huge factor in how fast you sell your home and how much it goes for? This is due to over 90% of potential home buyers using the Internet to view homes initially — their initial interest is piqued by photos. Additionally, almost 65% of homes that had DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera) photos were off the market in six months, whereas under only 50% of homes with your average digital camera sold in six months.
In terms of press (think sales and marketing), people know the difference! Studies have shown that professional photographs were twice as more prone to being shared than ones simply taken by your average person.
The Importance Of Using A Photo Album Design Service
If you’re wondering why you should go to the bother of using a photo album design service, the answer is pretty clear. You’ll get the whole package: high quality photographs in a professionally bound bundle. You may even be able to have your photos edited for clarity and color. What a better way to commemorate a special occasion like a wedding, anniversary, or significant birthday? These can also be great holiday gifts or ways to capture family traditions or memories for later. Your future generations are sure to appreciate the pictures you take now!

If you’re using a mix of candid and posed pictures, you may even be able to get some professional photo styling (like with headshots)done with a professional photographer for ultimate quality! Many professional companies will also offer retouching services and photo editing services at an additional cost after the pictures are taken, to have you looking your best.

Don’t skimp on the memories — make sure that in years to come, your pictures are the ones people are still picking up to reminisce over. High quality paper, ink, and professionally bound albums are a great way to achieve your perfect photo album.

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