Vermont Girl Raises Money For Children’s Hospital With Her Custom Jewelry

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For years, many people have been drawn to custom jewelry for its unique styles, handcrafted quality and sheer variety, ranging from leather bracelets to barbed wire crosses and more. However, when it comes to the bracelets made by a nine-year-old custom jewelry designer from Barre, VT, customers also know that their purchase is helping children in need. This elementary school artisan, Shyanne, makes unique jewelry to raise money for the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital.

Shyanne’s inspiration is close to home: her younger sister, Jocelyn, was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate. Now seven, Jocelyn has been undergoing surgeries to correct the condition at Vermont Children’s Hospital since she was three months old. Wanting to help children in similar situations, as well as the people who helped her sister, Shyanne decided to turn her hobby of making jewelry into a fundraising method.

Shyanne’s family says that the decision came just in time: her grandmother, Marla Hood, jokes that they had quite the stash of bracelets by the time they started selling the custom jewelry. But the project has been quite effective: last year, Shyanne sold 500 pieces of jewelry, raising more than $1,000 for the Children’s Hospital. Now, she wants to raise $1,500 for the medical center, a goal she is well on her way to reaching: through a social media account, she has drawn attention from around the United States.

Shyanne is just one of many amateur custom jewelry designers across the country who use their handcrafted jewelry to raise money for local causes and charities, a fact that only adds to the appeal of these unique accessories. Moreover, purchasing custom jewelry can also support local businesses and artisans, further supporting your area. Treat yourself and help your local community: purchase some custom jewelry today.

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