Cosmetic Procedures The Good, The Bad, and The Pouty

Thread vein treatment

Remember the days when deep wrinkle treatments such as Botox treatments were frowned down upon (no pun intended)? Considering how widely popular and accepted Botox treatments are — and cosmetic surgery and procedures in general — today, it’s hard to believe there was a time when very few people, let alone celebrities, would admit to “having work done”. Now, however, the use of Botox and other injectables such as Juvederm fillers, are is out in the open and even celebrated at times.

Yet the question remains, how much is too much, and how young is too young? Botox treatments have become an extremely popular and effective wrinkle treatment for both men and women, allowing them literally erase years off of their face. While the average age of a Botox patient in the United States is between 40 and 59, women as young as 20 — and sometimes younger — are also seeking out Botox as a means of “preventative maintenance”.

In fact, it’s become extremely common for women in their mid-20’s to go under the needle especially after a break up. Or, many young women receive Botox for a graduation present or before a wedding. Whether this age is too young to receive Botox remains to be determined, however, what draws the greatest amount of public outcry is the media’s unrealistic beauty standards, which many feel are influencing young women and causing them to seek out cosmetic treatments at younger and younger ages.

Juvederm has also been in the public spotlight lately due to none other than the Kardashian clan. Kylie Jenner — Kim Kardashian’s teenage half-sister — has drawn both praise and criticism for her plump, bee-sting pout which seemingly inflated overnight. While Jenner has denied using injectables to enhance her pout and instead attributed her now full lips to using copious amounts of lip liner, fans simply aren’t buying it.

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