Three Awesome Alternative Pieces of Custom Apparel Other Than the Tee Shirt

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People love tee shirts. That’s a fact. One recent study found that 62% of Americans own more than 10 tee shirts, and that 91% of Americans have a favorite tee shirt. Of these fashionable forward thinkers, 44% own promotional custom tees, too.

With so many different tee shirts to wear and so few days to wear them, it’s a wonder how or why any person might wear a brand’s promotional custom tee. It’s sad to say, but many times those custom tees wind up either donated, or in the back of someone’s drawer. Not on their bodies as intended.

However, this doesn’t mean that custom apparel isn’t a great marketing tactic anymore. It just means you need a new approach. Namely, you need to offer customers something more than a custom tee. Here are three, good ideas.


Customized hooides are one of the best pieces of promotional apparel you can offer. First of all, they’re heavier than tee shirts, which means they’re going to last longer. Second, they’re worn over other clothes, which means they generate more brand exposures than tee shirts do. Although customized hoodies do cost a bit more than tee shirts, they’re well worth the investment.

Tank Tops.

Tank tops are another excellent alternative to tee shirts. They’re incredibly trendy, which means people will definitely want to wear them. They’re very suitable to the heat, so people are more likely to wear them when it’s hot out or when they go to the gym. The only trouble is that these are the only good times they’re really good for.

Baseball Tees.

Lastly, custom baseball shirts are another excellent choice of custom apparel. Though they’re only as suitable as custom tees are, they’re far more fashionable. Baseball tees are in, nowadays; they’re the hot new look. This means that given the choice between the a custom tee and a baseball tee, people are going to choose the baseball tee.

Maybe instead of ordering those cheap custom tee shirts like you were planning on, why not try ordering customized hoodies, custom tank tops, or custom baseball shirts instead? That way, your promotional apparel won’t wind up in the bottom of peoples’ drawers like other brands’ custom tees.

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