The Future of Custom Designed T Shirts

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There seems to be a mobile app for just about everything. From determining the best route in order to beat the morning rush to tracking a woman’s ovulation cycle, there literally is an app for every that.

Now, a new custom print tees app is slated to become the Instagram of custom designed tee shirts. Enter Doobie.

Founded by Shannon Toh, a young entrepreneur who already has had success in founding SaltyCustoms, a Malaysia-based design and manufacturing company, Doobie seeks to blend the popularity of digital print tee shirts with the appeal of mobile app technology and social media. While there are a number of online custom tee shirt makers, Doobie aims to further streamline the process by creating a simple, intuitive platform completely with professional Adobe design tools, all for the price of $24.90 and free shipping worldwide within 15 days.

Doobie’s users simply have to snap a photo, modify the design, place the order and pay. In addition, users can share their designs and comment on which designs they like best. Not only does the app expedite the process of creating a custom designed tee shirts, it also incorporates a social element that encourages the creative process.

Doobie is by no means a complete replacement for brick-and-mortar t shirt printing services. Businesses often rely on these services to help them design a signature look, as well as create other custom merchandise such as tote bags. However, part of Doobie’s appeal is the app’s “DIY” factor.

Like many other business owners, Toh recognized the power of custom designed tee shirts in getting the message across. Brands can use custom designed tee shirts to reinforce their online and mobile marketing efforts. Custom tees have long been used by social activists as a means of protest and standing in solidarity.

For example, following a grand jury’s decision to not indict the officer who placed Eric Garner in a chokehold maneuver, a flurry of social activists, protesters, professional athletes, and celebrities donned custom t shirts emblazoned with Garner’s last words. This seemingly simple gesture made a powerful and lasting statement.

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