Easy Style Tips for Rocking Boys Camouflage Clothing

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While the fashion industry is known for being incredibly fickle, there are some staples that will simply never go out of style. The little black dress, a killer pair of pumps, denim jeans, and now camouflage clothing for men and women are fashion and style must-haves.

So how did camouflage clothes comes to enter — and dominate — the fashion foray? Plants and animals have long used camouflage in order to achieve a state of cypsis, allowing them to go undetected by both predators and prey by blending into their natural surroundings. Taking a cue for the natural world, during World War II the French military commissioned two artists to design a pattern which would conceal their troops and gear from opposing forces. Shortly after, the United States military and armies across the globe followed suite.

However, it was until the late 1960’s and early 1970’s that camouflage began garnering more attention as returning Vietnam veterans began protesting the war effort while donning their camouflage fatigues. By the 1980’s and early 90’s, camo clothing found it’s niche within the grunge, punk, and alternative movements. Fast forward to today, and camouflage is spread out among several different fashion genres.

Men and boys camouflage clothing is particularly popular. Unlike animal prints and floral patterns that can be difficult to style (especially for men), boys camouflage clothing can easily be paired with a number of other fashion staples.

When styling boys camouflage clothing, it’s best to keep it simple. Use colors and shades from the camouflage pattern in order to create a polished, cohesive, and put-together look. For example, navy blue camouflage typically consists of dark shades of blue, grey, black, and perhaps white. Using these colors, one can style a blue camouflage jacket with a black t shirt, dark jeans, and a grey knit hat. Military-inspired boots can complete the look.

while it many seem ironic that budding fashionistas, celebrities, and other camo fans are using camouflage to stand out instead of to blend in, its appeal is undeniable.

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